A great alternative to real grass

Artificial LawnIn recent years we have noticed a huge increase in the demand for artificial lawns mainly due to career commitments and the busy lifestyles that we lead nowadays. This has meant that manufacturers have invested heavily in the design and production of various types of artificial lawns and have applied the very latest technology to ensure that they look very real and are more durable, increased production volumes have actually made manufacture more efficient and therefore it is also more affordable than ever.

Artificial lawn grass is a great alternative for real grass and has a number of benefits. Dry and wet weather can leave homeowners with either sad or muddy looking natural lawns, and if you’ve got active dogs or children, you will know that outside play can turn a real lawn into a boggy mess after just a few weeks.

Installing an artificial lawn or replacing your current natural lawn with artificial grass is the perfect solution to these problems. An artificial lawn will look great all year round and it’s low maintenance, so you can spend your time relaxing in your garden, rather than tending to it.

We have installed numerous Lawns in gardens, offices and schools, we also install lawns for many elderly and disabled clients that otherwise would have to pay for the maintenance of a natural lawn.

Although the installation cost of an artificial lawn is greater than a natural lawn, when you consider the cost and inconvenience of buying, maintaining and storing a lawnmower, disposal of grass cuttings, lawn feed, watering and above all the investment of your time to tend to a natural lawn it quickly becomes apparent that an artificial lawn is a worthy investment and gives you back some well earned time to rest.

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